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Online Grocery Shopping

Convenient. Transparent. Inexpensive.

What's in it for you?

Save money. 

Up to 25% on each purchase.

Save time. 

Do your shopping in 15 minutes.

Prices across online grocery retailers vary heavily, and they change almost daily. Comparing prices is an exhausive, time-consuming process. We will compare your full cart for you, with just one click.

Shopping groceries online is not as easy and fast as it could be. Ever dreamed of turning your shopping list into a full cart with just one click? We will make that possible for you!

We order 

for you.


We tell you where to find the best price.

Select your products.

We give you piece of mind.

Tell us your shopping list and we fill your basket simultaneously. 

Or simply browse and select products in our online grocery shop as usual.

Create an account with us once, and check out with just one click. 

The selected retailer will take care of the delivery to your doorstep.



We show you how much your cart costs at different online grocery retailers. 

We select the cheapest one for you. Review, adjust if needed, and confirm.

Test our service!

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Simply enter your shopping list below and we will send you a price comparison within 48 hours. 

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